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Counseling is an investment in YOU

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Olive Counseling

Life's challenges and obstacles always seem bigger when you're facing them alone. Counseling is about a relationship - a relationship to support you so you can face those challenges with someone by your side supporting you through the process.

Olive Counseling is a fully online counseling practice run by Dr. Jacob Santhouse and Dr. LaToya Flowers-Roe. Both Dr. Jacob and Dr. LaToya have relational styles of counseling. Whether working through challenges with self-esteem, processing trauma, working to strengthen your relationship, or process trauma our goal is to support you in getting where you want to go.


Individual counseling is all about finding a relationship where you are safe to be yourself, and be accepted as who you are. 


Whether you're just looking for a relationship checkup or working through a specific issue – couples counseling can help.


Jacob took a very patient and gentle approach in working with me – he allowed me to "get there" on my own without causing me to feel rushed.

– Client

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